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Every feature in Dindo has been uniquely designed to give you the smoothest, easiest experience possible while you create your estimates.

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Create detailed, professional quotes for your clients with a few simple clicks. With options to customise to your business, Dindo will help you give your clients the information they need, in a professional style that maintains your image.

Working better together

Want to have more than one person working in a job at one time? No problem! With Dindo you’ll connect with your team like never before, using real-time collaboration and multi-user functionality.

Work less. Live more

With features and functionality to help improve your estimating, Dindo gives you the power to get the job finished faster, so you can focus on the more important things in life.

Want to know more? Check out the features and benefits of our software to see how it can help you!

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Having used many other estimating software packages in the past over a long period, we have found our choice of the Dindo software to be very intuitive and user-friendly.

Although the software has detailed and useful functionality, it still has a simplicity and a well-based logic to the way it performs. We are very impressed with the online speed performance and accessibility, and it has, without doubt, been the right choice for our building construction estimating software.

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As the CEO of iPlasta, I am thrilled to share how satisfied I am with the Dindo Real-Time Estimating software. It has significantly improved our business operations, allowing us to estimate project costs better and streamline our workflow.

Dindo has become an indispensable tool for our company, offering an intuitive interface and powerful features. It provides real-time estimates, allowing us to generate accurate project estimates on the spot, whether in the office or on-site. With Dindo, we can consider factors such as labour costs, materials, and project specifications, providing comprehensive and reliable estimates in minutes.

Dindo's flexibility and customisation options have significantly improved our accuracy and client satisfaction. We can tailor our estimates to meet each project's needs, accommodating different materials, subcontractor costs, and unforeseen expenses.

In addition to its estimating capabilities, Dindo offers excellent reporting features that enhance our communication with clients and stakeholders. The software generates professional, easy-to-understand reports, fostering trust and credibility.

The customer support provided by the Dindo team has been exceptional. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and proactive in addressing our questions or concerns.

I highly recommend Dindo Real-Time Estimating software to any company in the construction industry. Its efficiency, accuracy, and customisable features have made it an invaluable asset for iPlasta. Dindo has improved our estimating process, allowing us to deliver exceptional results to our clients while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

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Michael Lavorato
CEO, iPlasta

Dindo has been a great find! It’s a simple yet powerful estimating & quoting platform that’s easy to master.

With great portability by being cloud based, and flexibility in how it can create estimates, it has fit the needs of each of our estimating team.

Jim has been great to deal with. He has been very receptive to our feedback, and has been impressed with how quickly he’s implemented new updates or functional improvements based directly on that feedback – someone who listens to their customers!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dindo to anyone in construction.

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Pino C.
McCormack Property Services

Better estimating starts today with a free trial

Better estimating starts today with a free trial

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Dindo's carpentry estimating software is an essential tool for carpenters looking to enhance accuracy and efficiency in their projects. With this estimating software, managing material costs and labour hours becomes streamlined, helping you stay competitive in the industry.

Challenges in Manual Carpentry Estimating

Carpentry projects vary widely in complexity and scale, from simple repairs to comprehensive architectural woodwork. This variation makes accurate material measurement and time estimation crucial yet challenging. Traditional methods can lead to discrepancies that impact both budget and timelines.

How Dindo Software Simplifies Carpentry Estimating

Accurate Material and Time Calculations: Dindo's carpentry quoting software is designed to address the specific challenges faced by carpenters. It provides precise tools for measuring materials needed and the time required for various tasks, reducing waste and improving time management.

Customisable Estimates: Each carpentry project has unique requirements. Dindo allows carpenters to customise their estimates, accommodating different types of wood, hardware, and finishes, ensuring that all aspects of a project are covered.

Integrating Dindo Carpentry Quoting Software into Your Workflow

Implementing Dindo into your carpentry business means less time spent on tedious estimating tasks and more time focusing on actual construction and craftsmanship. The platform's user-friendly interface ensures that adapting to its digital environment is straightforward and stress-free.

Benefits of Using Carpentry Estimating Software

Streamlined Project Management: Organise and manage your projects more effectively with tools that track every detail from start to finish. Dindo helps you maintain timelines and budgets without the usual headaches.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction: With Dindo, you can provide clients with detailed, professional quotes quickly, enhancing transparency and building trust.

Increased Profit Margins: By reducing errors in estimates and ensuring optimal material usage, Dindo helps improve your bottom line.

Why Choose Dindo for Estimating?

Choosing Dindo's carpentry estimating software means you're investing in both reliability and dedicated support. With features specifically designed for the modern carpenter, Dindo establishes itself as a top choice for construction estimating solutions.

Not in carpentry? Dindo is the perfect estimating software for flooring contractors and other construction industry professionals such as electricians and painters. 

Transform Quoting with Carpentry Estimating Software

Dindo's carpentry quoting software is a transformative solution that integrates advanced technology to revolutionise the way carpenters approach their projects. With the incorporation of features like real-time updates and cloud-based accessibility, carpenters can adjust project details on the fly and collaborate with team members and clients seamlessly. This real-time adaptability means that changes in project scope or material availability are reflected immediately, minimising delays and enhancing decision-making processes. 

Dindo regularly enhances its software, staying ahead with the latest in estimating technology. This dedication to innovation means carpenters always have the best tools at their fingertips, ensuring optimal project results and heightened client satisfaction. With Dindo, you're not just keeping pace; you're setting the pace in the industry.

Discover the Dindo Difference

Ready to transform how you manage your carpentry projects? Contact Dindo today to see how our carpentry estimating software can revolutionise your business operations. Experience firsthand the efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration that Dindo offers. 

Schedule a demo or start your free trial now to explore all the features and benefits tailored specifically for the carpentry industry. Let Dindo help you streamline your processes, reduce costs, and improve project outcomes. Join countless other professionals who have enhanced their project management capabilities with Dindo. Reach out to us and take the first step towards a more profitable and efficient carpentry business.

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