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Is Estimating Software worth the investment?

It’s a question we see get asked a lot. Is estimating software worth the money and worth the time to learn when there are other options available, like simple spreadsheets, or even just using pen and paper to work things out manually.

It’s important that you work in a way that you find comfortable, however, while you may be used to more manual methods there are several reasons why you should consider using specialized construction estimating software for your projects.


Specialized features and functionality

Estimating software offers you specialized features and functionality that are specifically designed to help you with your work, which you won’t get in other software packages like Excel.

On-screen takeoff, built-in calculations such as measurement conversions, composite rate building, and code grouping are just a few of the functions that will help make light work of your estimating process.


Time and cost savings

It’s well known that estimating is one of the most time-consuming elements of a building project, and is essential for understanding your costs. Estimating software allows you to gain significant efficiencies in both the time it takes to do your work and how much it costs you.

By utilizing the specialized functionality available in an estimating system, you can be working much faster than if you were estimating manually. Let’s look at your takeoff for example. By tracing over your plan on screen using software, you can return measurements for multiple parts of your build at once, and have the built-in calculations do all the work for you.

By reducing the time it takes to perform your takeoff and estimating, you’ll be able to send out more quotes to win more work, and have more time to dedicate to other parts of your business.


Increased accuracy

Accurate estimating is the linchpin of a successful construction business, irrespective of the project. Having the right information about your costs allows you to budget for your project, understand and buy only the quantities of materials needed to reduce wastage on-site, and ensure that you allow an appropriate profit margin in your quotes. It also allows you to remain competitive while being conscious of your bottom line.

Estimating software enables you to increase your accuracy through built-in calculations, so you don’t have to manually work through complex formulas to get the information you need.


Collaboration and information sharing

Sharing information and collaborating on projects can be a tricky aspect for your business. If communication is lacking, messages aren’t delivered appropriately which can lead to misinformation or details being neglected or missed entirely.

Estimating software can help improve the way you share information. However, it’s important to note that when it comes to collaboration, not all estimating software is created equally. Systems that excel at collaboration, such as Dindo, allow your team members to share information and communicate and collaborate in real-time, save important comments and data, request information, and work on the same project at the same time. Dindo even allows you to collaborate on the same takeoff at the same time – a unique feature that can take your efficiency to the next level.


A professional touch

When dealing with clients, it’s important to maintain a professional appearance in all your dealings. Supplying professional quotes that are clear, detailed, and easy to read will keep you in good stead with your customers. And producing professional reports for your team will help keep you all on track and working efficiently towards the same goal.


A helpful partnership

When you invest in your estimating software, you should be partnering with a company that is dedicated to your success with a drive to help and support you as you work with them. This can come not only in the form of technical support when you have questions or need some tips but also by offering feature advice and requesting specific functions that can make your work even easier. A great software partner will be there to help and listen to empower your success, something that you won’t have if you’re working on your own using manual approaches.

At the end of the day, we believe that estimating software offers so many more positives than non-specialised software or working manually. By taking advantage of the benefits you can be working faster, more accurately, and with more confidence in your results than ever before; so you can win more work and become more profitable.


Dindo estimating software offers a 14-day free trial so you can experience the software for yourself and see how it can help improve the way you’re performing your estimating and takeoff. Learn more about Dindo and signup for your free trial, visit https://www.dindo.co/




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